Powerful against migraines. From biodynamic agriculture - 100% vegetable


Visiolan Saffron Extract.

A product of biodynamic agriculture


Visiolan Cumin Extract.

A product of biodynamic agriculture


Visiolan Cinnamon Extract.

A product of biodynamic agriculture


Visiolan Pumpkin Extract.

A product of biodynamic agriculture


VISIOLAN Muscat Extract.

Natural support of the entire digestive tract. From biodynamic agriculture - 100 vegetable


Visiolan Rosa Damascena Extract.

A true panacea for many ailments. From biodynamic agriculture - 100 vegetable


VISIOLAN uses the natural power of herbs and nature

VISIOLAN wants to bring the healing powers of naturally growing plants and herbs back into people’s consciousness, because a lot of knowledge and experience in the handling of medicinal herbs have been known in the most diverse cultural circles for many thousands of years.

Due to the hectic everyday life of many people today, however, we tend to use fast-acting medications with a short walk to the pharmacy, the compositions of which we don’t really know. For example, we often overlook the fact that the active ingredients of most drugs are not always side-effect-free, so we are more concerned with the symptoms than with the cause of the problem.

VISIOLAN offers you a natural alternative – free of side effects

Due to the omnipresence of these drugs, the knowledge of the healing powers of nature has become more and more in the background. VISIOLAN would like to make our contribution to making people more aware of nature and benefiting from its many advantages. Because we are firmly convinced that the power of nature can be used.

With our natural products, we want to offer ours a healthy and natural alternative to conventional medications and thereby deliberately decelerate: medicinal herbs usually need a certain amount of time to develop their effect freely in the body. However, they are usually completely free of side effects.

High-quality natural products – gently and sustainably produced

Since the foundation of VISIOLAN, we have been paying close attention to the consistently high quality of our products. That is why we are passionate about the philosophy of “back to nature” and rely exclusively on natural ingredients instead of chemistry. We use only the highest quality plants for production and extract their extract in the best and most gentle processes.

VISIOLAN Saffron Extract.

VISIOLAN cumin extract.

VISIOLAN motherwort extract.

VISIOLAN Styria Pumpkin Seed Oil Extract.

VISIOLAN Cinnamon Extract.

VISIOLAN Muscat Extract.

VISIOLAN Rosa Damascena Extract.