VISIOLAN is dedicated exclusively to nature and its wonder world of herbs & spices.

We want to bring these healing powers back into people’s consciousness, because a lot of knowledge and experience in the handling of medicinal herbs have been known in the most diverse cultural circles for many thousands of years. Due to today’s hectic everyday life, however, we tend to use fast-acting medication with a short walk to the pharmacy. Unfortunately, the mostly chemically based active ingredients are not always side-effect-free and deal with the symptoms rather than the cause of the problem. Due to the omnipresence of these drugs, the knowledge of the healing powers of nature has become more and more in the background. We want to make our contribution to making people more aware of nature and benefiting from its many advantages. Because we are firmly convinced that the power of nature can be used. With our products, we want to offer our customers an alternative and deliberately slow down: Medicinal herbs usually take a certain amount of time to develop their effect freely in the body, but are usually completely free of side effects. Since its foundation, we have been paying close attention to the quality of our products. That’s why we clearly stand for “back to nature” and focus on nature instead of chemistry. We use only the highest quality plants and extract their extract in the best and most gentle processes.