VISIOLAN Feverfew Extract , High dosed 15ml VEGAN


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Tested quality for your health

VISIOLAN feverfew extract.

Use the power of nature.

The high-quality, water-soluble extract, which is easily absorbed by the body, is a natural product and contains neither artificial additives nor caffeine or other stimulating substances.

Visiolan feverfew extract:

The healing properties of feverfew have been known for a long time – as early as the first century AD, Greek doctors were using the daisy family to treat headaches, migraines and menstrual cramps.

With the return to traditional and natural remedies, the aromatic smelling feverfew is still used today for a variety of symptoms and for colds.

here are numerous studies and online posts about feverfew and its ingredients. We recommend that you do your own research. Since the taking of the traditional remedy is easy,

especially in dissolved form in tea or other drinks and the feverfew can develop its effect optimally, the recommendation of many experts is: Visiolan feverfew extract

Content per bottle: 15 ml

Recommended use:

Take 10 drops 3 times a day in water, a drink (e.g. tea, coffee, smoothie) or with a meal.

From biodynamic agriculture

100% vegetable



Feverfew contains sesquiterpene lactones, essential oil, pyrethrin, tannins, parthenolides, pyrethrin, alpha-pinene, sequiterpenes. Over 85% of these are the compounds parthenolides


Nutritional information:

100g contain average:

Calorific value (energy): 2,15 kcal

Protein: 0.4g

Carbohydrates: 1g

of which sugar: 0g

Fat: 0.4g

saturated fatty acids: 0.1g

Dietary fiber: 0g


The feverfew is harvested exclusively by hand and not processed by machine. The finished extract is checked for quality in the laboratory. Our production facility is GMP and V-LABEL.EU European Vegetarian certified. The product consists of premium quality feverfew. We only use pure and high quality feverfew for the production of the extract. The extract is manufactured by a GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified pharmaceutical company, and it is also controlled and checked by Swiss Quality Testing!


Our feverfew comes from biodynamic agriculture, the entire production process corresponds to the highest quality standards for food and is under constant control by a food technician.

‚≠ź¬† PRODUCTION : The feverfew is exclusively harvested by hand and is not processed by machine. The final extract is tested for quality in the laboratory. Our production facility is certified by GMP and V-LABEL.EU European Vegetarian.

‚≠ź¬† EXTRACT INSTEAD OF CAPSULES: Very easy to dose and high bioavailability thanks to premium liquid extract. Suitable for on the way and always fresh. The feverfew is elaboratedly extracted by vaporisation and is not encapsulated.

‚≠ź¬† NATURAL AND ORGANIC: We use the world’s highest quality feverfew from biodynamic agriculture. It is purely vegetable and 100% vegan. Our feverfew is free of additives, pure and highly concentrated.

‚≠ź¬† HISTORY: Feverfew was already described as a medicinal herb in the 1st century. In the Middle Ages it was used against fever and headache. The name feverfew comes from its effect against pregnancy problems.

‚≠ź¬† VISIOLAN: We at VISIOLAN have dedicated ourselves to nature and its wonderful world of herbs & spices. We exclusively use plants from our own fields and the production process is constantly controlled and optimized.


"Meine Tochter hat dieses Medikament schon als kleines Kind wegen Ihren Kopfschmerzen vom Kinderarzt verschrieben bekommen. Es hat damals sehr gut geholfen. Ende vergangenen Jahres bekam meine Tochter wieder öfter Kopfschmerzen und so kamen wir auf die Idee, wieder das Mutterkraut einzunehmen. Es hat bis jetzt gut geholfen."

Tina Q.

"Der Schwindel ist verschwunden, die √úbelkeit ebenso. Die Zeit der Attacke hat sich verk√ľrzt und es mussten keine Schmerzmittel genommen werden. Wie bei allen Naturprodukten muss man Geduld haben. Die Wirkungen treten erst nach einer Zeit von einigen Wochen ein!"

Ophelia M.

"Mir hat das Extrakt gleich nach Einnahme geholfen. Ich brauche nur ein paar Tropfen am Tag. Da mein Beruf sehr mit Anspannungen verbunden ist, hilft es mir die Migräneanfälle zu steuern. Jetzt ist mein Kopf und ich entspannter.
Super dosierbar."

Julie F.

"Ich nehme es gegen meine Hormonschwankungen. Ja es schmeckt nicht so toll (aber was soll's, im Saft, wunderbar), aber nach 1 Woche bereits keine nächtlichen Schwitzattacken mehr gehabt - juchhe, endlich wieder durchschlafen!"

Christine A.

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