VISIOLAN Nutmeg Extract, high dosed 15ml VEGAN


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VISIOLAN Nutmeg Extract

VISIOLAN Muscat Extract. Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) is the name of a tropical evergreen tree and the spice derived from its seeds. In the past, grated nutmeg was used as tea, and the Romans also liked to use it as incense.

As a natural product, the high-quality extract, which is well absorbed by the body and water-soluble, contains neither artificial additives nor caffeine or other stimulating substances.

Already for a long time the healing effect of nutmeg is known – In the 6th century in China the nuts were already known. From the 10th century it was written about nutmeg that it was beneficial for the stomach, liver and heart. Then in 1512 nutmeg was introduced to Europe as a commodity.

There are numerous studies and online articles about nutmeg and its ingredients. We recommend that you do your own research.

Since it is easy to take the ancient remedy, especially in dissolved form in tea or other beverages, and thus the nutmeg can develop its effect optimally, the recommendation of many experts is:

Visiolan Nutmeg Extract

Recommendation for use:

3 times a day take 10 drops in water, a beverage (e.g. tea, coffee, smoothie) or with a meal.

The daily dose corresponds to about 500mg of dry extract.

From biodynamic agriculture

100 % herbal


''Finally I've found a natural remedy for my muscle pain. It works better than products from the pharmacy as I can do it more easily (drop by drop).''

Olivia O.

''I had read that nutmeg extract has a positive effect on serotonin levels. Have tried it and feel much better since then. Mood swings are a thing of the past.''

Michi A.

''Those who are struggling with stomach and intestinal cramps and prefer natural remedies will not miss nutmeg at some point. The extract is easy to dose and pleasant to eat.''

Jenny K.

''I've had to suffer from annoying bloating for years, thanks to the nutmeg extract, this problem has finally become more bearable and I can approach the day more relaxed.''

Renate P.

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